Leotex International

Objective of Training

  1. The Primary objective of training is to enhance employee’s skill in his specialty occupation through participation in a structured training program.
  2. To ensure personal performing work are competent & understand their rules/ activities with in the organization.
  3. On the job training provides a unique opportunity for the trainee to experience an active & hands on learning strategy & Development process.
Internal Training
  1. At the time of appointment, employees are told about the working according to the job description, company policies, procedures & Instruction is an in-formal activity and specific documents are used for records.
  2. Departmental Heads identify the training needs of the personnel on the basis of their experience and performance. The other factors that identify the training needs are the results of internal quality audits, corrective & preventive actions, customers’ complaints and the other issues creating non-conformities.
  3. Manager Compliance gives training programs and makes arrangements for training. Leotex International Pvt. Ltd. provides three types of training.
    • Orientation training is given to the new appointments. On job training is provided to the personnel whenever required by the relevant Head of the Department
    • Classroom training is provided to impart theoretical knowledge of various activities by the relevant Head of Department.
    • Mgr Compliance provides training regarding Quality Management System through lecturers and presentations as required
External Training
  1. External training is arranged when sufficient training facilities are not available with Leotex International. External training is entirely at the discretion of the top management .The Management of Leotex International has arranged a training session With SGS. Experienced and capable trainers of SGS are providing the training to our Managers, Assistant Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Incharge, Store Manager, and
    Purchase Manager on Following Issue.
    1. Grey Checking and Grey Final Inspection
    2. Training on Quality of Grey Cloth and Traceability of Grey fault during mending.
    3. QA and QC training on inspection procedures
    4. Color assessment control
    5. Shading Variation assessment
    6. QA and QC training on different AQL level, Tolerances and Customer Specifications
    7. Social Compliance/Security , Wrap, British Retail Consortium (BRC)
    Note: SGS is also conducting Warehouse informative Inspection in which our production staff is gaining the knowledge about quality and customer specifications These training sessions are so informative to provide a system for monitoring and measurement of products and processes to ensure that the products/services conform to the Customer requirements. Warehouse inspection, testing activities are done by the SGS quality auditors at the end of training sessions in which all relating peoples are involve during these inspections and all AQL levels are also observed during these warehouse inspections. With the help of above mentioned trainings the product quality level of Leotex International is improving day by day.
Evaluation of Training
  • Training Feedback form (is distributed to trainee during or after the training session for their evaluation of the training subject.
  • Evaluation of trainee is assessed by head of departments, auditors, customer according to the performance in the relevant area of training, through audits, asking relevant questions.


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